The words exploded from me in a burst of white-hot anger. ‘It’s a lie.’It’s a normal Friday evening for Elliot – until the police knock on the door and tell him his mum’s in serious trouble! A security video clearly shows her breaking into a giant pharmaceutical company on behalf of the environmental action group A. N. T. I. D. O. T. E. Elliot can hardly believe it. His mum’s a secretary, isn’t she? Not a SPY! And even worse – now she’s gone on the run . . . Highly commended in the 1998 Sheffield Children’s Book Award term paper on marketing

16 reviews for “A.N.T.I.D.O.T.E.

  1. What a FASCINATING and Intriguing Book i have ever read in my life. It takes you into the real story and your Dramatic Irony is so exhilarating

  2. I am 13 years old and i never normally read books because i tgink all books are boring. However, my auntie got this book o me to read for christmas, and i rate it 5*. It is the 1st book i hav actually wanted to read and it was so good. I will recomend it to everyone at school. i want to get thief and hacker.

  3. Im reading this book now and i just cant put it down. Im supposed to be asleep now but its just to good.

  4. This is THE BEST BOOK EVA !!!!!
    This is my first time reading from this author and I love it. You know, I might aswell just read all the books I have missed from this author xx
    Love you Malorie Blackman!!!!!!

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