What if YOU were left holding the baby?

You’re waiting for the postman – he’s bringing your A level results. University, a career as a journalist – a glittering future lies ahead. But when the doorbell rings it’s your old girlfriend; and she’s carrying a baby.

You’re fine to look after it, for an hour or two, while she does some shopping. Then she doesn’t come back and your future suddenly looks very different…

Praise for Boys Don’t Cry:

An extraordinary book, and truly is Malorie Blackman at her bestGuardian

Blackman’s emotional intelligence is such that Boys Don’t Cry should be read aloud in every secondary schoolThe Times

Her writing at its best, creating characters and a story which, once read, will not easily go awayIndependent


136 reviews for “Boys Don’t Cry

  1. I thought the book was stunning. The way it talks about issues like teenage parents and homosexuality isn’t boring at all. Both Adam’s and Dante’s stories were convincing and captivating.

  2. i love malorie blackmans book she is very clever writer and I cannot forget any stories! I lent my friend the book and its gone everywhere everyone I know has read it!!! lovee you xxxx

  3. i think the book is amazing you should definitely write a sequel to it and have a film made of it. it is the best book I have ever read please please make a sequel to itx

  4. please you have to make a sequel im dying to find out more and please make it into a film x

  5. i think m.blackmam is the best autor of my tim as I’m only 12 think she looks at the worst situation and turns it to the no.1 book of our generation malorie isn’t like michel.m and other authors malorie is more sophisticated in her writing as she looks at situations that could happen for instance boys don’t cry comes from a situation that could happen to any body thnx i love m.m.she is the best autor of all time

  6. This book is amazing and brilliant, truly looking into real life situations. I’m begging you on my knees that can u do a sequel to this book, I need to fid out what happens; I know you can make an amazing sequel to this book, so pls give it a go. I’ll be the most happiest person ever if you do!!

  7. Just finished reading the book and i cnt wait for s sequence follow up, it is a touching story that leaves ,that made me cry.

  8. Oh my god!!!! Loved this book to pieces!! Mesmerising, thrilling… And i cried so much… Just a amazing book! <3

  9. I got given this book to read by mate and it amazing !! i deffently want to read a second book to carry on the spotty if there is one, but if there isn’t, you deffently need to write one please !! 🙂

  10. I was intrigued after reading the back of this book, so ordered it from the library. I got it out this morning and I’ve finished it! It was so gripping, I didn’t want to put it down! I love the way the feelings of the characters are portrayed, the way people assume so much, yet the truth is really so much simpler & clearer! I don’t agree with what Dante & Mel did in the first place, but I think what he did to try & make it right was a huge step in the right direction! Change can be hard, but he pushed through – family can sometimes be the key to succeeding… Great book, loved every minute of it (apart from when Adam was beaten up), good ending, makes u guess what’s gonna happen next!

  11. after reading the noughts and crosses series I had to buy this book and as expected, I was gripped from the first page!! Malorie Blackman is definitely my favourite writer by far!!

  12. This book was amazing! I finished it in under 2 days! it was the first thing I did after school and before bed. I told my mum about it and she’s finished it now too. I cannot wait or a sequel to this book!

  13. I love this book, it made me cry and I was so happy
    I was so touched by it.
    Cant wait for the sequel.

  14. This book is the best!!!! I know there’s a sequel for spring 2014, but have you started writing it? I really cant wait thx !!!

  15. This is an amazing and really gripping book as all malorie’s books are thanks for another great read!!!

  16. Brill as usual Mal. I have read this and cannot wait for the sequel in 2014.I really enjoyed reading this because when I finished a really sad book(checkmate)it helped because not many sad things happen in it. Brill,Mal. Brill.

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