A Book of Hope

‘A very small degree of hope is sufficient to cause the birth of love.’

‘To love is to risk not being loved in return. To hope is to risk pain. To try is to risk failure, but risk must be taken because the greatest hazard in life is to risk nothing.’

‘Once you choose hope, anything’s possible.’ – Christopher Reeve

‘Hope is that thing with feathers that perches in the soul and sings the tune without the words and never stops. . . at all.’ – Emily Dickinson

Can the future ever erase the past? Rose has a Cross mother and a nought father in a society where the pale-skinned noughts are treated as inferiors and those with dual heritage face a life-long battle against deep-rooted prejudices. Sephy, her mother, has told Rose virtually nothing about her father, but as Rose grows into a young adult, she unexpectedly discovers the truth about her parentage and becomes determined to find out more, to honour both sides of her heritage. But her father’s family has a complicated history – one tied up with the fight for equality for the nought population. And as Rose takes her first steps away from Sephy and into this world, she finds herself drawn inexorably into more and more danger. Suddenly it’s a game of very high stakes that can only have one winner…

The powerful third story in the Noughts & Crosses sequence.

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17 reviews for “Checkmate

  1. i love these books i am on this one and i feel really sorry for sephy.. she’s like so nice and everyone hates her although i think she’s kinda touchy.. ANYWAY they are amazing books and i have entered a competition to have pizza with you malorie so fingers crossed! xx

  2. I absolutely love this one, i could relate to this one alot better than any of the others, i lost my mother and i feel really sorry for Sephy, Jude has practically poisened Callies mind, i’m talking about the book like it’s real but it is so amazing, how can someone write such gripping books and manage to apply such tension and make you really feel part of the families, i love this ssoooo MUUCCHH x thank you . x

  3. i have read the noughts and crosses series 3 times and check mate is my favourite one i love the way it is writen. thank you so much malorie you are the best author who ever lived!!!!!!!!

  4. I have read all of the noughts and crosses books and loved them all. they are all so clear and you paint a picture for us as readers which makes it so much more enjoyable whilst reading. The only thing is i want to know who sephy ends up with and who callie rose picks!!!

  5. Your Noughts and Crosses series are so beautifully written. Every time I read them, I can’t help but want to cry at what could have been for Sephy and Callum. Checkmate especially is my favourite of the series. The true letter that Callum wrote for Sephy had me in tears. Your books are so inspirational Malorie. xx

  6. I relt like crying with this book it was really emotional and I can understand that Callie rose will be confused and upset about the news about there father but as they say what ever life throughs at you it only makes you stronger as it makes Sephy’s and calli roses relashionship gets stronger. xx

  7. vos quatre livres ont étés plus que géniaux!!!!! Ils sont captivants, je les aies déjà lus 2 fois et je pourrai les relire une troisième… (tiens, je crois que je vais faire ça) la dure réalité de l’amour interdis de callum et sephy est terrible… à la fin du premier livre j’ai pleurer d’ailleur…
    J’aimerai tellement que vous fassiez un 5ème tome…. ce serai génial…. ( sa m’a pris quatre jour pour lire tous les livre) amitié aux fans E.

  8. The noughts and crosses series is brilliant! Just like the first book, it made have watery eyes. All your books are page- turners and are fantastic! You are right, Have hope and you can go all the way no matter what happened in the past, nobody can take hope away from you. x

  9. The noughts and crosses trilogy is AMAZING!! I enjoyed every word of it and i wish i could write as well as Malorie Blackman! 🙂

  10. i’m reading checkmate and I think its brilliant and would recommend it to everyone!!!!!

  11. Absolutely amazing book couldn’t put it down once I started reading it. The excitement and suspense are unbelievable. Love Malorie Blackman <3

  12. (SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!)
    I cried SO much when i found out that Callum was going to die, because I was almost sure Sephy was going to save him. The reason i thought that was if Callum survived, Sephy could just run away to save the baby… :-/ maybe im the only one who had pinned a different ending to these books but they are so beautifully written and i LOVE THIS SERIES!!!
    my 9 year old sister (who also has a nut allergy) read cloud busting and was on the verge of tears when Davey moved away. (sorry for the spoilers!)

  13. I cried when i found out jude died as he was such an alive character.My favorite x and o book.

  14. Love your books, just so cool I love all the series of noughts and crosses. I just wish Callum and Sephie had a better future and longer future together. I hope you add another book to the series. Its so romantic and it honestly made me cry. Love it 5 stars all the way. I have read checkmate 4 times never going to get tired of your just so emotional. Love you. You make me cry and I love it.

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