When the mysterious stranger shows up at Nova’s parents’ hotel, she thinks her luck has changed – until she realizes she’s the only one who can see him.

Liam explains he’s been here a long time. And he can never leave, no matter how hard he tries.

Soon, Nova begins to piece his tragic story together. But she’s hiding a secret of her own – one she’s desperate to keep from her family. And now Liam’s found her out . . .

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  1. Malorie if you read this now that i am a huge fan though ive read two of youre books i can tell Dead Gorgeous is going to be so amazing. The only thing is i dont know why you called it dead gorgeous please reply

  2. hi malorie i love your books an would love nto see a dvd for one,pig heart boy to be honest, we have been studing this book in class and have being making a front cover for it to i would like u to go to my facebook page on comment my name is shelby mae merergold plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz look more into this but for now bye.

  3. Hello – Congratulations on becoming the children’s laureate! I’ve read a lot of your books and have just started my little sister on this book. I really admire your writing:)

  4. I read this 2 months ago its an amazing story once again pulled of by an extraordinary author. Its amazing read it if you haven’t.

  5. Oh my gosh i love your books soo muchh i wish there was a part 2 in noughts and crosses and a part 2 too pig heart boy i have read all your books to be honest and i love them and im hoping more comes out as i go to school the teachers ask me where is my book and im like..No miss you got it all wrong im not reading a book until Malorie blackman makes new ones because i read yours all the time and the teacher laughs and says dont be silly how you going to get her to make new books and i was like dont worry miss dont worry miss *so this was my idea!!!* PLEASE MAKE NEW BOOKS PLEASSE!!! X Sharon x

  6. AMAZING. So sad for Liam though. My heart was really going when the cave in stared to happen. I mean, how could Liam be so fearless?. Fabulous book as always,Mal.

  7. I love this book so much. You are my inspiration. Amazing. Love it! <3 You rock Mal. You're my favourite author. Luv u !!

  8. Currently reading this book omg it is soooo good please carry on writing books malorie because if they are all like this i will definitely read them!

  9. My Book Review

    Malorie Blackman – Dead Gorgeous

    It has taken me one month to read Dead Gorgeous and I enjoyed every bit of it.
    Dead Gorgeous is about a boy called Liam who has a lot of troubles at home because him Mom died when he was a baby and he thinks his Dad favours his brother more than him. One day he went exploring and came across a cave. He entered a cave and got trapped. He died shortly after and turned into a ghost. Liams body was left in the cave near a hotel called ‘Phoenix Manor Hotel’.
    This hotel is run by the Clibbens family that consists of the Mum , Dad, two daughters-Nova and Rainbow and two sons- Jude and Jake . Nova is jealous of her sister Rainbow because she thinks she is much prettier than her. Nova doesn’t think she is noticed much at home because her parents are too busy running the hotel.
    Nova had a lot going on so she decided to go for a walk in the park. She unexpectedly walked into Liam. This was a shock to her as she walked right through him and realised he was a ghost. This caused her to faint.

    How would I rate this book:
    I would rate this book: 4 star
    I did not give this book a 5 star rating because although the story line is intriguing i would’ve preferred a happier ending unlike some of Malorie Blackmans other books.
    In my opinion this book is suitable for 12-15 year olds because the language is appropriate . It is entertaining and gripping because you never know what is going to happen next.
    This book isn’t suitable for a younger child as there are references to KISSING(laughter) and also because they may not understand the plot.

    Overall I would definitely recommend this book.

    Thanks for reading.

    Don’t hesitate to reply!

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