Chasing the Stars cover

This month’s #BookoftheMonth is Malorie’s amazing thriller Chasing the Stars. Check out Malorie’s intro to the story:


Vee has been alone with just her brother Aidan for over three years since the crew including her mum and dad died to a mystery virus.  Desperate to survive the journey home to Earth, she works out every day, learns about every nut and bolt of her ship and has managed to evade all enemies, but loneliness is slowly killing her.  Nathan is an escaped refugee – a Drone – and desperate not to be caught by the Authority as that would surely mean being returned to captivity and servitude.  After saving a number of refugees from  certain death, Vee and Nathan meet and attraction soon turns into real love.  But as well as a murderer on board their ship, there is also someone who will do whatever it takes to ensure that the love between Vee and Nathan will not last.


Vee:  Yes, I’ve been alone for over three years and yes, maybe I allowed myself to get swept off my feet by Nathan but that doesn’t make me stupid… well, not entirely.  I was alone and lonely and I guess a little too desperate for love and company.  But it was more than that.  The moment I saw Nathan, well, I couldn’t see anyone else.  I’m not stupid.  I’m good at thinking on my feet and pride myself on being strong and capable – I wouldn’t have been able to survive for three years alone if I hadn’t been able to handle myself.  But I admit, when it comes to understanding people, I’m an amateur. When it comes to my personal life, I think with my heart rather than my head.  I just wish doing that didn’t have to hurt quite so much.

Nathan:    My days of being a victim are over.  I won’t let anyone take advantage of me ever again.  And I won’t trust anyone again, not without them proving themselves to me first.  I don’t give my trust or my affection lightly.  Yeah, I know I kind of fell for Vee.  Hard.  But that was different.  The moment I looked at her, I knew she was special.  Don’t judge!  I like to think I don’t bear grudges, I try not to.  Sometimes I fail but I’m only human.  I’m loyal and expect those I love to be the same.  You can betray me but you’ll only get to do it once.  That said, l will fight to the death to protect those I love.  And that’s not just words.  Consider yourself warned.


We asked Malorie to put together a playlist of songs  that tie in with the book. Have a listen: