A Book of Revenge and Redemption

‘Those who plot the destruction of others often fall themselves.’

‘Revenge is an act of passion; vengeance of justice. Injuries are revenged; crimes are avenged.’

‘Forgiveness is a gift you give yourself.’

‘An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth makes the whole world blind and toothless.’

Just this once . . . Please let me get away with it just this once . . .

Tobey wants a better life – for him and his girlfriend Callie Rose. He wants nothing to do with the gangs that rule the world he lives in. But when he’s offered the chance to earn some money just for making a few ‘deliveries’, just this once, would it hurt to say ‘yes’?

One small decision can change everything . . .

The fourth novel in Malorie Blackman’s powerful Noughts & Crosses sequence.


88 reviews for “Double Cross

  1. I. Love. The. Noughts. And. Crosses. Series. I am CRAZY bout it! ._.” My fave is the first one… >.> I read all the collection and I can’t survive without reading the next… O_O” I just felled in love with that series<3 xD. And please, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE (etc…) Wright moooooreeeeee! D: I really miss Callum and I don't want Sephy to be with Nathan or Sonny or any guy that's not Callum o_o Thought… I read them in French cause I live in Canada and… Yeah, I live in the French part. But anyways, I’m looking for the books in English. But ANYWAYS… Can U please wright a 5th one? Please? (:

  2. Hello Malorie, You are an inspiration to everyone and when i’m having a bad day, or just a bit bored with life, it is a comfort to know that when i get home i can settle down and tuck in to one of your books!! My favorite books of all time are the Noughts and Crosses series. Callum and Sephy are characters that warm the heart and make every girl want a callum of their own, who would die for her. I loved the way that you feel part of the Hadley- McGregor family by the last book because you have witnessed two generations grow up. I read all of these books within a month i loved them that much! Please, please, PLEASE write more of this series! I would love to see what happens to Callie Rose and Tobey!

  3. these books are amazing, it was first suggested i should reasd them buy my friend, i immediatley enjoyed them, since i know what it is like to be sephy, i have to admit, it has made me cried in every one of those books, i wish you would write another one, i like it because each one of the books have different types of characters

  4. dear malorie,
    your books have found the capacity to decorate our dark an lonely world you have been an inspiration to so many adoloescent and young adults who find themselves driven into this fantastis magical and romantic world you ve created. i not its not in my power but, if you ever wish too or feel inspired could you continue the noughts and crosses saga? maybe a tobey callie rose story or a sephy one, even a callum, never died and was in prison all this time. something to guide us back to love friendship and danger. your books are filled with love the same love you share for your family and fans, please could you continue the saga it would mean so much to all your fans and esecially to me, the girl that finds reson and counsel in each of your novels. thank you so much for letting your imagination flow and bringing these masterpieces to our world.
    forever grateful, Aria.

  5. finished Double Cross today. MY GAWD!! that is one hell of an ending. your book kept me at edge continuously. i really want to read more and i do hope you’ll write a fifth book! xx

  6. On my list of “Best Book Series Ever,” The Noughts & Crosses Series wins hands down! On my list of “Best Books Known To Man” Double Cross is a definite number one Winner!!! It actually comes befor the heading!! Malorie Blackman is a original writer. She puts humour, love, drama, jealousy, hate, sadness and joy onto paper in ways other people are unable!! This book is AMAZING!

  7. Please could you make a nother book!! so many people want you to so please do!! its left on such and annoying cliff hanger and I can’t find a book anywhere like this one to read and I want to continue reading the series!! please make a 5th book!! please!!

  8. hey malorie, please could you make another book!? so many people are requesting it and it must be a bit annoying but people realy want one so please make another!! me aand my friends wanted another one and by the looks of things everyone in my school that has read the books and people on facebook, and even these comments wanted another book!! i love the story line and i realy want to carry on reading your amazing books

  9. Dear Malorie Blackman,
    I am done reading the Noughts and Crosses saga and it has definetly made a change in my life. I am very inspired by the stories and many lessons are learnt through out the touching stories. It would be lovely if you wrote another book, to find out what happens with Callie Rose and Tobey and how they spent their lives.. or perhaps a movie. I bet it would be one of the best movies ever made in this century. I have got loads of things to tell you about how much I loved your books and I just hope you read this and get convinced about creating the movie. It would be lovely.

  10. Please make another book! The Noughts and Crosses series is so inspiring and heartfelt that you must justify it further with a fifth book.

  11. I love the noughts and crosses saga, esspecially double cross. I think you should write a prequal, about how meggie and jasmine became friends because i’ve always wondered how that happened. Everyone else seems to want a sequal but i don’t know. I think i like it better open ended.

  12. i first read noughts and crosses at a bad time in my life i was only 14 i was considering all sorts and i know it was stupid at a young age but the book made me stop and i hadnt read in a long time but this book captavated me and changed the way i saw things and from that point i turned my life around, i know it sounds silly saying so much about one book but its had such a strong part in my life that after i finished reading double cross i was saddend that it was over so please write a 5th book it means alot to me and by the looks of it to alot of other people aswell so please just give us some hope of a sequal 🙂

  13. This is the best series i have ever read!!!! It leaves you with a longing for more and more! Malorie Blackman please please write a sequel and keep this series going! it’s incredible! I know I’m not on my own with that feeling! I would recommend this book to anyone and everyone! You can see by reading the reviews how many people felt that thees books did something to tehm so write a 5th book for us! Anonymous but a no.1 fan!!!:)

  14. I am in looooove with thees books!<3 I would be soooooo happy if you wrote another one! I am really sad without theese books in my life:::( so please make a 5th one for every1!! This series has changed so many peoples lives and feelings including mine so please write another one please…….! And you should make a movie it would honestly be the best thing ever ! It could be massively big!!!!!:0 so come on bring on that 5th book along with the movies everyone is waiting for!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  15. This book was by far my favorut i think Callie should not beat her self up about what happend to her grandmother and thinking of Callie and tobey makes me think about Sephy and Callum apart from ther life was a lot harder. xx

  16. hello Malorie ! heum.. sorry for my English, normaly I speak fench. I live in Québec ( in Canada ) and there we speak in french, any way 😛 .So, I read all of this series but in french. I’m sure they are better in English. I really love your book with Callum ( haha I fell in love with him ! (L) ! ), Tobey ,Sephy and all but sometime ( in French ) there is a lot of repetitions. The rest is perfect 🙂 . Your books are perfect and change me a lot. I don’t think in the same way . Thank you 😀 Emylee

  17. These books are absolutely GENIUS! Noughts and Crosses is hands down my favourite book of all time. I first read it when I was about 13, and up until then, I never really bothered to read a book properly – I would just quickly read it to get through the not so interesting parts, and hope for a decent ending. But Noughts and Crosses was different. It was recommended to me by friends, most of my class was reading it at that point… and as soon as I started, I was hooked! It was probably the most intense experience I’ve ever had whilst reading (if that even makes sense lol.) And it’s the only story that has EVER made me cry. It’s a beautiful tale, but realistic too. I must admit though, I’m surprised at how popular this series still is, 3 years on since I started reading it – everytime I go into any library to ask for it, it’s always taken out -___- haha, so I’m waiting to read Noughts and Crosses again as soon as I find it back on the shelves. Don’t know if I’d be able to handle the intensity though. That’s no joke. I’ve learned a lot about my own surroundings since I first read it, so the story might mean a bit more to me now than it did back then. But I don’t know about a sequel. The ending to Checkmate was a perfect way to conclude the story of Callum, Sephy and Callie Rose. And the ending to Double Cross couldn’t have been better either. I think the characters moved on at that point; there isn’t a story to tell anymore.

  18. btw I think every girl needs a Callum McGregor in her life (but, you know, without the cold, bitterness he seemed to have developed during the course of joining the L.M.) …oh, and a movie would be great too!

  19. These books are exhilariating, amazing and fantastic!
    I want to be an author myslef and write books as spectacular these some day.
    Noughts and Crosses changed both the fictional and non-fictional aspects of me.
    I now see rasicam really differently and it has certainly influenced the way I write a lot as well, I love writing in different perspectives instead of just one and definatly makes me read books in a different way, as if whenever I turn a page it’s like high speed chase, you’ve just got no idea what’s round the corner!

  20. I just finished Double Cross yesterday and I want to find out what happens next. Please make another book Malorie

  21. omg malorie, if only i could meet u. I LOVED UR SERIES!
    i finished the whole series in a month. i finshed one ur books in 6 days and when i got to double i thought i’d try and slow down but i always wanted to read. i think ur a fantastic author because, u left double cross in a good place- it would be great to have another one though ps please write a new book soon ! xxx

  22. i loved your series so much! know i’ll be reading it again and again! was just wondering as i have many friends who i have tried to persuade to read this but they do not read, is there any chance of a movie? i would for more people (especially those who don’t read) to acknowledge your talent. xo

  23. I’ve just finished the whole series and I can tell you that was the fist book to make me cry! At the moment I’ve been making my own book called ‘The Only One Left’ and every time I read a chapter of your book it makes me want to write more of my book! You are a proper inspiration to me and I really hope you make a movie out of it! If you did I would go watch it more that 5 times at the cinema! You are a real talented writer and will continue to read your other books! x

  24. I’ve read all four of the books, twice! They’re amazing books and I’m constantly recommending everyone to read them!

    Is there any chance of a movie? Or Noughts and Crosses coming back to the theatre? I think it would be very popular

  25. Miss Blackman This particular book in the series knocked my socks off!!

    its amazing and i cannot reiterate how difficult it was to tear it away from me, I even neglected my homework for the evening.

    Your characters are so realistic and it feels like im living their world doing what they’re doing and basically being them, feeling their hurt and thoughts when the tough choices have to be made.

    Please dont stop the series just yet. Im really craving another fix of the book- Im not a drug addict.

    Fantastic and Fierce, Thank you very much 🙂

  26. Miss Blackman, I have been an obessive reader since the age of about six! And I read series ‘classics’ etc but the Noughts and Crosses series has blown me completely away and I feel myself completely attached to the charaters! I mean i cried when Callum died and I found Knife Edge hard to read because I couldn’t deal with the fact they hung Callum! The depth behind your books amazes me and in each one I feel as if I’m watching a film. I once even said to myself “you must watch the end of that” only to remember it was actually a book!
    I’m nearly finished Double Cross and dreading the thought of finishing them, so please write another one!

  27. The Noughts and crosses series are astonishing! I have been reading the four books like mad, they are so good! I say this again; this is a fantastic page-turning novel which has powerful teenage emotions and it’s full of relevance for our society today.

    These series of books should be made into a film (though i do think they will be in a few years to come) as lots of people would love to see it: Including me!
    You have inspired me malorie, you really have. x

  28. Malorie,I love all your books and a part way through reading Double Cross!Please tell me there will definitely be another in the series!Your books have inspired me to start writing my own novels!

  29. I really enjoyed all the books please write another!!! After finishing noughts and crosses i just wanted to pick up the next book, i want to know about how Callie Rose and tobey grow up together could the next book be possibly about them at uni or maybe laterin life thanks
    I have loved books since i was little in Reception my teachers would tell us to read four pages for homework and notes would always be sent home saying that i had read too much or finished the booklet when that hadn’t been the instruction! Through out my whole life i have read numerous good books but their endings have sometimes left me stunned and horrified like was that really it? That good a book and thats the end? But with your books it has been one book leading into the next, Please write some more books!!!!!

  30. I haven’t actually read Double Cross but i know it is going to be fanatastic. It’ll be very interesting to find out what happens to Tobey and Callie Rose!

  31. noughts and crosses books are my best of all best books. I loved them so much .For the first time in my life , I thought books were better that watching films .The way you have described everything ,just brings the characters to life .I even imagined some of my friends as one of the characters .
    but now I cant believe that it has come to an end .I wanted so much more .

    For me if the end is not “THE HAPPY ENDING” then it means that the story is to be continued …

    In short I don’t think there can be a happy ending without Callum.I WANT CALLUM Back.I cried when he died . When I started reading double crosses after each page I was hoping that he would come back .

    Can you please write another one final book please !! please !!

    PS: your books are amazing
    thanks for writting <3

  32. Malorie, reading your books have brought back my joy for reading. Please dont say Double Cross is the end!

  33. I think that you books are amazing and really make you think about all the racism in the world. i would love to know how you came up with the original idea of having two seperate groups of people and giving one of them noughts and the other crosses?

  34. i think your books are abosolutly amazing and inspiring. the depth is amazing and i have got so emotionaly attatched to the characters. i would love to know how the idea of noughts and crosses came to you?

  35. i really love youre books there sooooooooooo grate i read them so fast they were that good first the noughts and crosses thats how i got in to them im in a reading club at school thats how i started them u soulld care on wrighting there so good

  36. i really like the last book with callie rose and tobey its realllllllllllllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy grate

  37. I have also began to feel emotionally attached to the characters, as if they’re family or good friends. It’s amazing how you do that!

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