A Book of Revenge and Redemption

‘Those who plot the destruction of others often fall themselves.’

‘Revenge is an act of passion; vengeance of justice. Injuries are revenged; crimes are avenged.’

‘Forgiveness is a gift you give yourself.’

‘An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth makes the whole world blind and toothless.’

Just this once . . . Please let me get away with it just this once . . .

Tobey wants a better life – for him and his girlfriend Callie Rose. He wants nothing to do with the gangs that rule the world he lives in. But when he’s offered the chance to earn some money just for making a few ‘deliveries’, just this once, would it hurt to say ‘yes’?

One small decision can change everything . . .

The fourth novel in Malorie Blackman’s powerful Noughts & Crosses sequence.


88 reviews for “Double Cross

  1. These books are amazing. I love the way they jump from character to character and still manage to hold suspense and not become confusing!

  2. Will there be anymore books in this series? I’m not sure when Double Cross was written but I read it in two days flat and stayed up until the early hours of the morning! I love all the characters and hope I can read more about them?

  3. does anybody know if there will be a book in this series after double cross? iv read the last 2books in the series in 2days flat and i would like another one to be written?

  4. I love these book soooo much!! I stayed up till 1:30am one night finishing Noughts and Crosses and reading the whole of An Eye For An Eye!!! Also I love the fact that there is a character with my name, because that is really rare!!! 🙂 I would love to know where the inspiration for these stories came from 🙂

  5. love noughts and crosses series!! soo amazing 😀 is there gonna be another book?? hope so! i thought the ending of Double Cross was fly good xx

  6. i thought the way it was set and the whole role reversal was really clever..ur books are rly inspiring!!

  7. Please tell me there is gonna be anotherone i finished double cross in one day and now im sad cuz there is no more 🙁
    A 5th book?

  8. Hey the first 3 books in the series while i was in high school and was ecstatic when i saw the poster for this book in my local waterstones on my way home from one night in 2008 while i was in college and loved every minute reading the book… now to my point i recently picked up Noughts and Crosses and have begun reading it for the third time 🙂 this is my favorite series of books and would love to see a sequel to double cross one day… perhaps it could show the society beginning to change establish equality? Either way the Noughts and Crosses Sequence has given me many hours of enjoyment and i would love to see more… had i wrote this comment last year i’d be ending by saying i don’t think we will be seeing another book in the series but with Malorie Blackman recently releasing “Callum” my hopes are high that maybe… just maybe a 5th book in this amazing series could see the light of day i’d like to see Double Cross as the begining of a whole new trilogy… and who knows? perhaps that dream could become reality, till then i’m going to put my nose back in Noughts and Crosses 🙂

  9. I’ve loved your book for years since i read it when i was much younger 🙂 I so wish there was a tv adaption or something like a mini series that would be like amazing… i think your a brilliant writer 🙂

  10. i am reading checkmate and i am trying to mae the series last as long as possible cos i dont want 2 finish- they r amazing please reply malorie xxx angel

  11. Hi Angel,

    I’m so glad you’re enjoying my Noughts and Crosses series. Do you plan to read Double Cross, the 4th in the series? If so, I hope you enjoy that one too. Some people like to read books slowly to make them last. I’m afraid, I’m the opposite. I like to race through them and if I love them, then I take a deep breath and read them again! Anyway, happy reading!

  12. I love the series, please write a new one telling me more about the life of Callie Rose, does she have a child? What happens next.

  13. Before reading Double Cross I wasn’t sure if it was a good decision to write another book in the series as everything had ended so clearly in Checkmate. However, while reading the book I never felt like it was forced. It is almost like Malorie Blackman had to write this novel to tell us about crime in a prejudiced world. The book has a very gripping plot and interesting characters.

  14. Best series Ever,
    I didn’t want it to end!
    Can’t wait for another
    best selling series to come out!
    (Mabey it will come out in film!)

  15. I got Noughts and Crosses and Knife Edge on Monday the 5th, and finished both by Thursday the 8th, then I ordered Checkmate and Double cross and waited for them to come. Finished Double Cross yesterday. It is truly an amazing series and awe-inspiring, it made me look at the world in a whole different way. I understood Callie Rose because my brother is mixed race. Equality is installed within me, and I shall always keep these books within my heart. I hope a 5th one is released, and they whole series is turned into films. I would love that they would be amazing.

  16. These books are amazing and really inspiring can’t wait for another series or even this series to be made into a film!

  17. noughts crosses had me shaking and i cried its so painful and true,the first book is the best. Hope to see it as a film one day .for someone who struggles with reading i read it so fast .thank you

  18. This book, as well as the other three in the ‘Noughts and Crosses’ series, is utterly breath-taking. I have read it about three times, its amazingly written! Well done Malorie, your a fantastic writer:) I WISH YOU WOULD MAKE A FILM OUT OF THIS BOOK, IT WOULD BE SO GOOD xxxxx

  19. I love all of the noughts and crosses series and am literally dying for them to be made into a film!!! It would be a great film and I’m super sure that it would be real popular! I have recommended the whole series to my friends and they love them too! WELL DONE MALORIE!!!!

  20. I’m a massive fan of the Noughts and Crosses book series and read all four in a matter of days. Making the books into a film would be great and I strongly recommend the books.

  21. I absolutely loved the Noughts and Crosses series! I read Checkmate in half a day, I couldn’t stop! I really hope there is a 5th book, and a film!

  22. When I read the first book I was so drawn into it and I loved it, and then suddenly I was hooked but I also didn’t want to pick up the next book. I am currently up to the last book and I swear to god if it doesn’t end like I want it to my whole life will be over.

  23. The Nought and Crosses series made me get hooked on to it after my teacher recommended it to me. I found the books exhilarating and a page turner. I even finished the series in a week! Must read book ever

  24. I read the first book at school and loved it
    I would recommend it to anyone and everyone!
    This easter, I got the final book and have nearly finnished it. Wish so much that there was another book!! going to feel so depresed when I have finnished the last book!

  25. Double crossed is a passionate book about love and caring for another and going through above and beyond for someone you care for.

  26. I totally agree with everyone saying to make a movie. It will be sooooo amazing. I lived the series i really wanted to read more about what happends.

  27. Double Cross is the ending to the Noughts and Crosses series. It is about a girl called Callie Rose who has mum that is a Nought but her dad is a Cross and how this affects her life. I think Double Cross is an amazing book, I have really enjoyed reading the series. I would truly recommend this book to anybody over the age of 10 as it has some things younger people might find disturbing. This is one of my all time favourite books and has a great ending (that is somthing I don’t always find in books I read). I hope many other people enjoy this series like me

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