Noughts and Crosses

So, the BBC have just announced they will be filming an adaptation of Noughts and Crosses, described as a ‘dangerous, adrenalin-fuelled fictional dystopia’. And we can’t wait!

Here’s everything you need to know…

  1. It’s based on the first book in Malorie’s Noughts and Crosses series:

“Divided by their colour but united by forbidden love and burning injustice, Sephy and Callum are fighting for more than simply the right to be together, in a contemporary dystopian State where strict race laws make daily existence a matter of life and death.”

  1. It’s in safe hands.

The book will be adapted by Levi David Addai (who was behind the TV series Youngers) with Matthew Graham (who’s worked on loads of cool stuff including Dr Who!).

  1. Malorie is excited.

This has to be a good sign. She’s 100% behind this adaptation. Here’s what she’s said: “I am beyond thrilled that Noughts and Crosses will be dramatised by the BBC – it couldn’t have found a better home. Callum and Sephy seem to have meant a lot to readers over the years and I’m excited at the prospect of watching them on my TV!”

  1. It’s out on… *drumroll*

Alas, we don’t know yet! The BBC is keeping this under wraps for now. Follow @MalorieBlackman and be the first to find out more info when it’s released!


Okay, so time to re-read Noughts and Crosses? We think so. If you need to get your hands on a copy you can do so here:


Want even more details? You can find out more on the BBC media site here: