This month’s book of the month is Love Hurts; a stunningly romantic collection about love against the odds written by YA authors and brought together by Malorie. Keep an eye out for our valentines blog post later this month for more romantic reads.


Love Hurts is a window onto the world of YA novels and novelists.  With some original short stories and a number of novel extracts, the aim of this anthology is to contain stories and extracts that entertain and  engage.  Hopefully it will present YA readers with both old favourites and new delights.  Enjoy!

My short story Humming Through My Fingers is part of the Love Hurts anthology.  Humming Through My Fingers is a story about a blind girl, Amber who meets for the first time Ethan, a friend of her over-protective brother.  But is Ethan everything he seems or does he have another agenda for befriending Amber?


We asked Malorie to put together a playlist of songs  that tie in with the book. Have a listen: