I have lots of interests and use some of them in my writing. I love going to the cinema and the theatre. I like comedies and dramas on the telly – dramas seem to be getting much more scarce. So-called reality shows don’t do much for me. BRING BACK DRAMAS!!! (And preferably something else besides medical or detective dramas)

I love, love, love music. I’m predominantly a jazz-funk/soul head but my taste is pretty eclectic. I’m into Joe (what a voice!), Outcast (whose songs are constantly different and fantastic), Muse (pure genius and something to say), Lupe Fiasco (his song with Jill Scott is wonderful), Rob Thomas (not a single duff song on his Something To Be CD!), Maxwell (seriously soulful), Green Day (did I mention, I love songs that have something to say), Akala (like Green Day he has something to say and I love how he says it) and Nickelback (their ‘Saving Me’ video is amazing and ‘How You Remind Me’ is one of my favourite songs), Stevie Wonder (pure genius), Marvin Gaye (the first songwriter to make me cry) and the list goes on. And on. And on!

If I could have one selfish wish in this world, I’d wish I could sing.

When I get the time(!) I’m going to resume my piano lessons. I MISS THEM 🙁

I used to play the saxophone. My number one favourite activity however is reading – natch! To be honest, I read more children’s books than adult books, because I love stories with a strong, imaginative plot and interesting characters.

Some of my favourite books are Holes by Louis Sacher, Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte, Pride And Prejudice by Jane Austen, The Curious Incident Of The Dog In the Night Time by Mark Haddon. I’ll read anything by Alan Gibbons, Catherine R. Johnson, Minette Walters, Benjamin Zephaniah, Melvin Burgess, Keith Gray and Jackie Kay to name but a very few, as they’re such fantastic writers.