Trust Me by Malorie Blackman

To kick off 2017 we have another amazingYA title from Malorie: Trust Me. Check out Malorie’s intro to the story…



Heather and Andrew are holidaying together in Europe – against the wishes of both their families.  Whilst at the house party of a man they’ve only just met, Andrew is attacked and turned into a vampire.  Andrew begs Heather to join him and against her better judgment, she allows Andrew to turn her into a vampire too.  But Andrew has changed.  He is now utterly contemptuous of humans and grows more ruthless in his behaviour towards them.  Heather realises she is the only one who can stop him, but how can she when she still loves him?



Andrew knows his family don’t like Heather but he doesn’t care, he loves her.  He   has never allowed the opinions of others get to him or stop him from doing what he wants to do.  Andrew would do anything for Heather.  Didn’t he prove that when he did something extremely shady to get her to go out with him in the first place?  And he’s not going to let anyone come between them – not his family, not her family, not any of their friends.   No one.


There are many things Heather loves about Andrew – his sense of humour, his loyalty, not to mention the way he’s always been honest with her.   He’s the only one in the world who truly understands her.   Okay, so he can be a bit pushy and a tad too possessive at times, but there’s no doubting how Andrew truly feels about her.   But as Andrew grows more ruthless and evil, Heather has to chose which one she will listen to – her heart or her head.



We asked Malorie to put together a playlist of songs  that tie in with the book. Have a listen: