Years after a violent war destroyed much of the world, Kaspar has grown up in a society based on peace and harmony. But beyond the city walls, a vicious band of rebels are plotting to tear this peace apart. It is up to the Guardians – an elite peacekeeping force – to protect the city, without ever resorting to the brutal methods of their enemy.

When Kaspar joins the Guardians, he has a chance encounter with a rebel – a beautiful girl named Rhea. Haunted from that moment on by strange visions and memories – memories that could only belong to Rhea – he realises he hasn’t been told the truth about what the rebels really want, and what he’s really fighting for.

Praise for Noble Conflict:

‘Exciting, action-packed and suspenseful, it is also deeply thought-provoking, raising a whole host of challenging questions that seem particularly appropriate to our times.’ – Booktrust

‘thoughtful as well as action-packed. . . youngsters should love it.’ – SFX Magazine

‘gripping, thought provoking read. . . that resonates in today’s society.’ – The Book Nook


24 reviews for “Noble Conflict

  1. AMAZINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG.I am a HUGE fan,mal and enjoyed this so badly.I read it in 3 days flat because I was absorbed.Brill!

  2. Dear malorie
    When I was younger, I was a typical person my favourite books were books like the twits and wat horse but when I went up to secondary school I found this book named noughts and crosses I was eagar to find out what it was all about. A few weeks later I had read the whole book and ended up in tears! So I did research on more of you books and I foind out that ther was 4 books to the noughts and crosses seris I was over the moon . I read them all each touching me as much as the next. So I thank you malorie I really do. 12

  3. Do you like action? Suspense? Drama? Excitement? If you do then you will love being transported into a thrilling, shocking world by delving into this jaw dropping, spine tingling, mind blowing story written by the award winning Malorie Blackman. The characters are unique, with an intriguing back-story; this book is far from dismal. By only reading a short extract of this spectacular story, I can already tell that once you starting reading, you will be trapped in a gripping, breathtaking, astonishing, world of entertainment and excitement, unable to hear, see or think about anything else. I would 100% recommend this book for boys, although it is very possible that many girls enjoy it too!

  4. Noble Conflict is an exhilarating book which tackles war and peace. Action-packed and transcendental, Malorie Blackman’s invigorating novel shows how Kaspar fights to get a place in the Academy. Eventually he does as a result of his famous family and becomes an honour cadet, which results in ‘jealousy, pure jealousy’ for some. Malorie who is a true pundit of young adult dystopian fiction, targets the young adult market using dilemmas in life such as racism and segregation. Noble Conflict faces antagonistic situations in politics, authorities and religion. Thrilling Noble Conflict leaves you ferociously turning the pages of your Kindle/book for more!

  5. Wow. Never before have I been so hooked from the first paragraph. Questions are shooting through my head more than the Guardians are shooting at the terrorists. I do not want to read on, I need to. I feel compelled to continue, I want to know more about Kaspar, his uncle, his parents, his fellow Guardians. ‘His grin was back with a vengeance’ this extract has left me feeling as excited as he must be. What happens next? I need to know!

  6. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone but mostly someone like me, a 12 year old who loves a good chase, adventure, crime and mystery book. I would by far recommend this book than any other because it has an interesting storyline, a good connection through the story and is the best book I’ve ever read so far! So I’ve come to the conclusion that if you do not buy and read this book to the end you are truly missing out!

  7. After reading the first extract from the novel ‘Noble Conflict’, I was gripped by the brilliant, unusual concept. It was great to see a well written book that offered an alternative to young readers that is different from the familiar vampire fantasies. Which have become a predictable storyline. The novel offers a powerful concept, it deals with relationships and trust what is a very influential topic among young readers, it also shows how friendships can survive through difficult times. The story exposes aspects of war and how it effects people’s lives, it reveals terrorism which is appropriate to the present situation as we face a future of uncertainty. The language used in the book creates tension and suspense, gripping the reader in a short space of time. It would be hoped that schools across the nation who encourage this sort of literature will inspire students to be interested in the novel and therefore improve their reading and writing skills. The vocabulary is very easy to follow it has a fluent and sophisticated style and enables different ages to enjoy the book. The characters in the book are strong and interesting and I will be curious to know how they will develop as the story continues.

  8. Malorie Blackman truly is a national treasure. From the opening paragraph, she sucks the reader in. A gripping adventure novel unlike any other – completely unpredictable and full of raw emotion. Every page turn brings about a new challenge for the characters to overcome. What is to become of Kaspar and the Guardians? Will Kaspar and his chums defeat the rebels? A very thought provoking novel! This book left me hungry for more!

  9. Malorie Blackman has, in my opinion, introduced a very engaging and mysterious book into the world. Noble Conflict focuses on a young man called Kaspar. Kaspar lived with his uncle until, against his uncle’s will he joined the Guardians; a group of trained people, their duty to protect the alliance from the misguided insurgents. But the excitement starts to unfold only on Kaspar’s first day as a group of people start launching thermal grenades at people at Kaspar’s ceremony. Has this got anything to do with the fact that Kaspar’s parents were two of the most famous Guardians ever? This is a futuristic, action- packed book, and is certainly worthwhile the read. I would recommend Noble Conflict to male teenagers who are interested in mystery and action and feel an urge for a gripping book.

  10. Before today I had never really read one of Malorie Blackman’s books before, but after reading those first few lines of Noble Conflict’s opening scene, I was hooked. I wanted to read on, to develop a picture of Kaspar Wilding in my mind. Now I see a tall boy; eighteen years of age; wants to follow his dreams and protect his people. The opening scene is very powerful. It sets the scene and gives us a description of the main character. If the rest of the book stands up to the standard of the opening, then I believe it will be a bestseller for decades.

  11. As children’s laureate Malorie Blackman sets big expectations for her new book ‘Noble Conflict’ and boy does she reach and surpass them! The book demonstrates a strong mature opinion that resonates throughout any age range. The book is cinematic in its scope and appeal and is ripe for a film adaptation! Noble Conflict truly is the complete package with themes such as – the moral dilemma; the questioning of superiors, unrelenting action, a main character who is bright and relatable. This truly is a book to be remembered. A true classic for any and all to read.

  12. This incredibly important, thought-provoking book by bestselling author of ‘Noughts and Crosses’ Malorie Blackman may be one of the most vital to the newest generation that will shape the future of civilization. Set in a twisted, dystopian society where the level of technology is high but military morals are low, Kaspar Wilding (a young farm boy turned Guardian), struggles with new truths and old lies. For example are the rebel crusaders fighting for the right thing after all? Have the people he has loved and respected his whole life been lying to him? Be dragged willingly into a world of phantoms, deceit, betrayal and a particularly intriguing female ninja named Rhea. Follow Kaspar on his fast paced race for the real truth. With him you will love, hate, laugh and cry. But most of all remember: NO BUL(L)ETS, NO KN(I)VES, NO QU(E)STION(S).

  13. No bullets, no knives, no questions. That should keep you on a cliffhanger and it’s not even in the book! Based far into the future, Blackman uses today’s conflicts mixed with a future army, ‘The Guardians’, to give you a book that keeps you interested ‘til the last vowel. Known as the award winning author of the trilogy Noughts and Crosses, pressure from fans was at boiling point, and my oh my Blackman deserved to be given the Children’s Laureate. Her use of words and juxtaposition keeps the reader engrossed and captivated. ‘This was turning out to be one hell of a first day’, was the final line in this extract, but just wait ‘til you start the book, you’ll have it finished by the end of the day.

  14. Having read the brilliant ‘Noughts and Crosses’; I was excited to read a snippet of Blackman’s new book, ‘Noble Conflict’. Within a couple of sentences I was genuinely hooked, plunging into the story and getting to know the characters. Noble Conflict, looks like it’ll be up there with the Hunger Games! Over-all this book sounds promising. It had a great start introducing the main character (Kaspar Wilding); and a cliffhanger ending to the excerpt: ‘But his job wasn’t over yet’; which just made me want to read more. Roll on for the whole book!

  15. This book was amazing! I’ve never read a book so engaging as this one it was my no.1 book of 2013. I read this book day and night its a must read!!!!

  16. This book was amazing i have never read a book so intresting. Its definetly my no.1 book of the year. This is a must read!!!

  17. This book was amazing i have never read a book so intresting. Its definetly my no.1 book of the year. This is a must read!!!

  18. Amazing book. So amazing it took me 4 hours to read the book.Great story line. IS there going to be another book? PLEASE say there Will.

  19. Stupendous! It took me a month to complete the book; I read slowly so I could enjoy it for longer!

  20. This book gripped me from start to finish, with its fast paced action and sudden changes to thought provoking parts. This book really makes you think about life and the ugly truth. It’s so good I couldn’t put it down, even in lessons, sorry Miss B… I thoroughly recommend this book to anyone who is a thrill seeker and a thinker.

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