Boys Don't Cry



This month’s #BookoftheMonth is Malorie’s amazing page-turner Boys Don’t Cry. Check out Malorie’s intro to the story:


Outline:  Dante’s ex-girlfriend Melanie comes knocking at the door.  The only trouble is, she’s not alone.  She has an 11-month old daughter with her called Emma and the shocks just keep on coming.  She claims Dante is the father.  Melanie abandons her baby, stating she won’t be back.  Dante now finds himself literally holding the baby.  How will he cope?


Dante hasn’t a care in the world.  He’s good-looking and smart without being conceited and his future is looking bright – until he is literally left holding his baby, who he didn’t even know existed.  Then his world of certainty disappears.  Even though he isn’t very close to his dad and brother, Dante is still fiercely loyal to his family.  Dante gets wound up by the way his brother Adam never takes anything serious, but that’s okay because Dante takes life seriously enough for the both of them.

Adam is a fun-loving optimist who hasn’t a bad word to say against anyone.  He’s never afraid to stand up for himself and those he loves and he has a great sense of humour though it’s sometimes inappropriate!  Adam loves life and is determined to enjoy each and every moment of it.  Adam has such faith in people that he finds it hard to cope when that faith is severely shaken.


We asked Malorie to put together a playlist of songs  that tie in with the book. Have a listen: