This month’s book of the month is Malorie’s thrilling page turner Robot Girl… Check out Malorie’s intro to the story:


Claire’s scientist father is absorbed in his new invention, much to Claire’s anger and disgust.  Claire  confides in her pen pal and friend, Maisie who is the only one she feels she can trust with details of  what her dad is doing.  But when Claire decides to destroy her father’s new invention and reveals her plans to Maisie, she gets a huge shock.  There’s a major twist to this story which I hope the reader won’t see coming.


Claire is trying not to feel jealous of the time her dad spends in his lab with his latest secret invention.  She’s trying, but failing.  She can’t help but feel alone, lonely and resentful that she doesn’t even make it onto the list of her dad’s priorities.  Claire wants her dad to forget about his current project and notice her and she’s ready to do something dreadful and drastic to get what she wants.  Claire is impetuous and impulsive, something her mum is waiting patiently for her to grow out of.

Maisie is Claire’s penpal and good friend though they have never met.  Maisie is desperate to stop Claire doing something she can’t come back from.  Maisie knows the true meaning of loneliness and is hiding her own secrets.  She doesn’t want to lose Claire’s friendship but how will Claire react when she finds out just who – or what – Maisie really is?



We asked Malorie to put together a playlist that ties in with the book. Have a listen!