Kyle has always been afraid of things, especially dying. But when he gets on the train that is taking him and his class on a school trip, he has no idea how close to Death he is going to come. Death enters the train and Kyle moves with him, past his friends, who are frozen in time, in life-or-death situations. Kyle finds that he can pick up on their deepest, darkest fears – real things that have happened to them, or may happen in the future, and sometimes their surreal nightmares too.

Kyle realises that he isn’t the only one who has buried fears and, more importantly, he now burns with the desire to live, and to live without fear. But will Death release him?




16 reviews for “The Stuff Of Nightmares

  1. I absolutely loved reading this book. I couldn’t help but smile AND cry at the same time at the end. Truly scary and inscrutable.

  2. Oh wow this book really gripped me… I mean all of Mrs Blackman’s books I’ve read I can honestly say put me on the edge of my seat, BUT when I thought Mrs B’s books couldn’t get any better… They just did! These ideas for books are so original it inspires me to become a publisher even MORE! So I’ll be able to give risky, ‘amatuer’ writers a chance to become noticed globally…(rant subsides). SOoo back to the book, I would read this at night a lot of the time(terrible choice!) and would be prrretty paranoid and sleep with the light remaining on for most of the night! Favourite part was the statue nightmare, so memorable you wouldn’t believe!

  3. This book is amazing! It is my favourite malorie blackman book as there are so many twists and turns and stories which make you want to laugh and cry

  4. Such a gripping book! I rembember going to be at 10 having read it all afternoon. My dad took the book away from me and gave it bck after eeing I was going to cry. Finished it by morning, the best apart from Nought and Crosses(nothing beats that series)!!!!!

  5. I remeber going to bed at 10 having read it all afternoon. My dad was going to take the book away from me then but gave it back after he saw I was going to cry. Read it all the way through the night!!!!!

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