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It wouldn’t be a Malorie Blackman novel without a few plot twists. This month we’ve been chatting about our favourite Blackman books with betrayals and here’s what made it into our top three.


No. 3


Kicking off our top betrayals at number 3 we have Noble Conflict a book full of betrayals. We don’t want to share any spoilers so here’s a passage from chapter one.

Kaspar is desperate to join The Guardians and fight for his city in the struggle against a vicious band of rebels. So much so he’s willing to betray his family in the process.

To think that until eighteen months ago, Kaspar had been working on his uncle’s farm on the edge of the Badlands. But after brooding and stewing and agonizing about it for months, he’d applied to be a cadet at the Academy behind his uncle’s back…

Noble Conflict


No. 2

Thief! by Malorie Blackman

In Thief Lydia desperately wants to join the Cosmics, a group led by Anne, as her best friend is already in the gang. Anne challenges Lydia to steal the school sports cup in order to join the Cosmics but she refuses knowing the trouble she will get in won’t be worth it. However, the next day the cup has mysteriously appeared in Lydia’s locker and that spells big trouble and an even bigger betrayal…

She stood with her back against the storeroom wall, surrounded on all sides by the others in her class. Her former friends. Every lunchtime for over a week now, Lydia had had to go through exactly the same thing. They all lay in wait- carefully choosing the moment when they could torment her. The moment when the teachers were far enough away so that even if they did see what was going on, they would only be able to make out numbers, not specific faces.



No. 1

Pig Heart Boy

Finally we have the most devastating betrayal – when your closest friend lets you down. This is the shock Cameron faces in Malorie Blackman’s Pig Heart Boy. What would you do if your best friend revealed your darkest secret to a national paper?

Marlon was my best friend, and best friends didn’t do that to each other. Friends could keep secrets. I looked down at the paper again. The headline shrieked at me.

‘I can’t understand it,’ I whispered. Why did Marlon do it? Why?’ And at that moment, I felt more hurt inside than from anything the doctors had done to me over the last few days. Marlon was supposed to be my friend. In his shoes I would have told anyone. Never.

Pig Heart Boy


So, that’s it. Our top three most shocking Blackman betrayals. But the question is: do you agree? Which ones left you reeling? Join the conversation on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to let us know what you think.