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Have you ever had one of those moments when you literally can’t put a book down (even though it’s 1am and you’ve got to get up at 7am).

‘Must. Keep. Reading.’

Malorie’s books are full of cliff-hangers, and this month we’ve picked our top three moments of suspense to share with you … let us know if you agree!

No. 3

Chasing the Stars cover

In at number three we have the taught opening moments of Chasing the Stars, when Adrian finds himself trapped under boulders in a mine, his left leg agonisingly crushed. That’s bad enough to begin with, but things really get scary when he realises his spacesuit is running out of oxygen…!

‘The rocks weren’t budging. I was going nowhere. Trapped. The left leg of my environment suit was in shreds. Ironically the self-same boulder that had pinned my leg and ripped my suit in the first place was also the object now sealing the breach. But I’d lost a lot of oxygen from my suit in the process. When I came down the mine thirty minutes ago, I’d had over ten hours of oxygen left in my suit. The heads-up display of my helmet now showed I had less that fifty minutes of air left. Which would see me off first? The intense cold, the carbon dioxide atmosphere down here in the mine, or the blood loss from my crushed foot?’


No. 2

Hacker by Malorie Blackman

In second place we have the tense thriller Hacker. What would you do if your dad was arrested for stealing a MILLION pounds and you knew it wasn’t him?


‘You must be joking!’

‘For what?’

I stared at Mum utterly shocked. I think I was more shocked than if she had said that Dad had been knocked over. When she said she had bad news, I thought, Dad’s hurt. He’s in hospital. But not for a single second would I have guessed he’d been arrested …’




Surely the biggest cliff-hanger of all is in Noble Conflict. After years of war and destruction Kaspar has joined the Guardians to protect his home from a vicious band of rebels threatening the peace. But then Kaspar starts to realize he hasn’t been told the whole truth …

‘Later Kaspar lay in bed staring at the ceiling. Normally he went out like a light after a session in the gym, but tonight sleep was a stranger. He sat up, switched on his light and grabbed a datapad from the bedside table. Maybe the questions buzzing around his head would make more sense written down.

  1. Why suicide?
  2. Why the massive interest by the Insurgents in totally isolated locations?
  3. Why don’t they equip themselves with any kind of radio or CommLink?
  4. Why didn’t they kill the truck driver?


So, that’s it. Our top three all-time Blackman cliff-hangers. But the question is: do you agree? Join the conversation on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram letting us know what you think!