Seventeen-year-old Jayna wishes she could spend every second of the day with Andrew. He’s her first love, and he understands her like nobody else can. Jayna just wishes Andrew’s prejudiced family could accept her – but when they’re alone together, it hardly seems to matter.

But something strange has happened to Andrew. He looks . . . different. Pale and drawn, as if he hasn’t been outside for days, with mysteriously cold green eyes. He won’t go out in the sunlight, and he’s unnaturally fast and strong. And now he wants Jayna to join him.

Now she has to make the choice: to lose Andrew forever, or to be with him always – no matter the cost.

19 reviews for “Trust Me

  1. i thought this book was amazing even though you ended it on a Clift hanger which made me want to read on but it had Finished it would be really good if you could write another book to add on … because i wanna find out what happenes next !!!

  2. I haven’t read it yet but I want to! The review is so suspense-tic. #MalorieBlackman
    P.S Love thief! I’m going to read either pig-heart boy or hacker next. I got them from the school library. I’m only a kid but must I say you ROCK!!!!

  3. I absolutely loved this book. I finished it in one sitting because it was so suspenseful. The ending was so dramatic and maybe you could right a sequel about what happens next?

  4. I loved this book yeah it would be great if you could write what happens next I think your great I would love if they did a film on this book too this is the first book I have read that you have wrote and I will be reading more

  5. I really want to read it, it looks so interesting p.s my first book was heart boy and i Loved it am so going to read more of your books.

  6. I read this book in one hour and was really confused at the end because I thought pages were missing but it had finished. I love it and want you to write another.

  7. I am currently reading Noughts and Crosses , it is incredibly interesting and every word I am gasping .

  8. I loooove it! It just empower and dominates other books I read it is the best book ever!
    Hope there is a sequel

  9. This was totally and utterly amazing! I just could not say anything bad about it, I liked it so much I just HAD to meet the author, which I did and I was so amazed, she signed all of my books I had that she wrote, simply magnificent!

  10. I really liked the book as it the events were really unexpected, Malorie Blackman is my favourite author and make noughts and crosses into a film; it would be such a great hit! =D

  11. i havent read this book but from the blurb it looks amazing, keep on writing Malorie you are inspiring many people such as myself!

  12. i loved this book and would recommend it to any body of any age . the plot is amazing and i would not say anything bad against it . please have a read

  13. This is one of the best books I have read and I loved the book, I loved the style and format and the use of language was just stunning. A breathtaking read, would definetly reccommenf

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