Whizziwig is a small, furry alien who has crash-landed on Earth and ended up on top of Ben’s wardrobe. Once Ben has recovered from the shock of this unexpected arrival he’s delighted to learn that Whizziwig is a ‘wish-giver’ able to turn wishes into reality. But it’s not as straightforward as it sounds. The wishes have to be made for someone else, and by accident, so it isn’t long before some very strange, and very funny, things start happening.

4 reviews for “Whizziwig And Whizziwig Returns Omnibus

  1. its the best book ever for me.i hate reading and I hate books im forced to read at school,but this book was the only book in the libeary that fully ingrossed meits the .big heart boy is also by the same author I really want to read it.all my friends say its the best.xxxxxxxxx love malorie blackman.

  2. Hello to everyone who is reading my review. I think Wizzywig is an awesome book about how a small, furry alien who has to give wishes to fix her ship. If you get the chance to read the book…READ IT!!!!

  3. whizziwig is a cool book. i would recomend it because it has well balenced diologe and description

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